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Season 1


Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

Original Air Date—13 September 2005

After two years, Sam Winchester is suddenly visited by his big brother Dean, who insists he helps look for their father John who disappeared on his latest 'hunt' for poltergeists- he accepts only if back in time for a crucial interview. They trace dads tracks for a 'white woman', the spirit of a wife who killed her own children after finding out her husband committed adultery and now haunts and kills unfaithful men. She even attacks Sam, who is loyal to his girlfriend. Luckily Dean, who needed nothing more then a paper-clip to escape from police arrest -they used fake identities- and carry off dads notes, arrives just in time. Still Sam decides to return, but the welcome changes his life forever...


Season 1, Episode 2: Wendigo

Original Air Date—20 September 2005

Following their father's coordinates, Sam and Dean end up at Blackwater Ridge where a group of campers are missing. Looking into previous disappearances, Sam and Dean find they are dealing with a Wendigo who now threatens the lives of one of the missing campers sister, who is out searching for him with the assistance of the brothers.


Season 1, Episode 3: Dead in the Water

Original Air Date—27 September 2005

As the trail on their father goes cold, Sam and Dean find themselves in a small town in Wisconsin where 3 people have disappeared without trace in to a lake in the past year alone. Soon, the dam holding the water for the lake will burst and the town will be lost forever. The spirit causing the disappearances begins taking more and more people as it is running out of time. Sam and Dean must figure out who the spirit is and put it to rest before anymore people are taken and lost forever.


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Season 1, Episode 4: Phantom Traveler

Original Air Date—4 October 2005

Sam and Dean are called in to investigate when a plane crashes under mysterious circumstances. Their investigation leads them to the conclusion that a demon is possessing people and causing them to crash the plane they are on. Things become more urgent when they discover that the demon is going after the 7 survivors of the crash, including the pilot and a stewardess.


Season 1, Episode 5: Bloody Mary

Original Air Date—11 October 2005

All over the world, kids play the "Bloody Mary" game, daring each other to say her name three times in a mirror. But no one has even died from it. Until now. Sam and Dean must find a way to stop her before she claims another victim.


Season 1, Episode 6: Skin

Original Air Date—18 October 2005

When one of Sam's old school friends is framed for the murder of his girlfriend, Sam and Dean investigate, discovering that a shapeshifter is responsible for that murder and possibly other similar murders.


Season 1, Episode 7: Hookman

Original Air Date—25 October 2005

Sam and Dean help a girl whose date became a victim of the "Hook Man," a famous urban legend that turns out to be real, in a small college town somewhere in Iowa. In order to save her and her father, the local minister, the brothers have to find the ghost's bones so they can destroy them. But Sam and Dean run into a problem when they discover that the bones are in an unmarked grave.


Season 1, Episode 8: Bugs

Original Air Date—8 November 2005

Sam and Dean head to Oklahoma to investigate a recent spate of insect related deaths around a new housing development.


Season 1, Episode 9: Home

Original Air Date—15 November 2005

When Sam starts to have nightmares about their old home, he and Dean head back to Kansas. They soon discover that the new owners of their old house are being plagued by a malevolent entity, could it be the same thing that killed their mother many years earlier?


Season 1, Episode 10: Asylum

Original Air Date—22 November 2005

Sam and Dean investigate an abandoned sanitarium and discover that when the hospital was open, the patients held a revolt against the cruel and unusual experimental treatments carried out by the head doctor. Now the ghosts roam the halls, driving anyone who spends the night insane. While trying to rescue two lost teenagers, Sam is captured and turns against Dean.


Season 1, Episode 11: Scarecrow

Original Air Date—10 January 2006

Sam and Dean have a falling out when their father contacts them and sends them to them to a small town where the citizens sacrifice couples to a pagan god which manifests through a scarecrow. But while Dean strikes off on his own, to help one girl, Sam meets a shady young drifter, named Meg, at a bus depot while on his way out of town, whom is not what she appears to me.


Season 1, Episode 12: Faith

Original Air Date—17 January 2006

When Dean is accidentally electrocuted fighting a monster, he permanently damages his heart. When he's diagnosed as only having a month, at most, to live, Sam searches for a means to save him and finds Roy Le Grange, a faith healer who may actually be the real deal. After Le Grange heals Dean, the brothers discover that Le Grange is using black magic to bind a "Reaper" to do his bidding... and each healing comes with a terrible price of someone else's life.


Season 1, Episode 13: Route 666

Original Air Date—31 January 2006

Dean gets contacted by his first love, an African American woman, about racist murders that occur on a desert route, caused by a truck that seems driver-less


Season 1, Episode 14: Nightmare

Original Air Date—7 February 2006

Sam has a premonition in which a man is killed, but the murder is made to look like a suicide. Sam convinces Dean that they must investigate the case, but the two are puzzled when they fail to find anything that indicates that the death was supernatural in nature. That is, until they find out that Max, the reclusive son of the first victim, has been using his recently acquired power of telekinesis to kill the family members that once abused him. Sam also discovers Max's mother was killed by the same fiery demon that took his own mom.


Season 1, Episode 15: The Benders

Original Air Date—14 February 2006

After hearing in 'smallville' Hibbing, while masquerading as Minnesota state police, a boy's story about a monster probably was inspired by a Godzilla movie, Sam points out the county was marked by dad as suspicious and has the state's highest ratio of disappearances, but Dean just wants to relax, at least till the morning, until Sam disappears on the parking lot. Dean teams up with local police woman Kathleen, who even after finding out they impersonated cops decides not to arrest him before Sam is found, because her own brother also disappeared years earlier. Their search reaches the large, lonely house where a sinister human family keeps Sam and others in cages, and their intentions at least are monstrous...


Season 1, Episode 16: Shadow

Original Air Date—28 February 2006

Dean and Sam are investigating a mysterious murder in Chicago and discover that Meg is responsible for it. However, when they try to catch her, Meg unleashes shadow spirits on them and they realize that she is really setting a trap for their father.


Season 1, Episode 17: Hell House

Original Air Date—30 March 2006

Sam and Dean investigate the case of a maniacal ghost inhabiting a long abandoned Texas farmhouse known as "Hell House." They believe the ghost is the spirit of a deceased Depression-era farmer who killed his family, but they soon realize it is something far more powerful.


Season 1, Episode 18: Something Wicked

Original Air Date—6 April 2006

Sam and Dean investigate a small town in Wisconsin where children are falling into comas for no apparent reason. The brothers discover that a witch is creeping into the bedrooms of the children and stealing their "life force." While battling the witch, Dean recalls a past mistake that almost cost Sam his life at the hands of the very same witch, an event which has fueled Dean's protectiveness over Sam and his blind obedience to his father.


Season 1, Episode 19: Provenance

Original Air Date—13 April 2006

A young couple is murdered in their home shortly after buying an antique painting of a family portrait circa 1910. Upon reviewing the painting's provenance, Sam and Dean learn that everyone who has ever bought the painting has been murdered and race to discover how the portrait is causing the deaths before it can claim its next victim.


Season 1, Episode 20: Dead Man's Blood

Original Air Date—20 April 2006

After Daniel Elkins, a vampire hunter and John's mentor, is murdered, Sam and Dean are surprised when John himself shows up to solve the case. John discovers the vampires have taken an antique gun, which has the power to kill all supernatural beings. The Winchester family sets out to retrieve the gun from the vampires so they can use it to kill the demon that took Sam and Dean's mother.


Season 1, Episode 21: Salvation

Original Air Date—27 April 2006

Meg turns to killing John's friends in order to get the Colt. Sam and Dean stakeout the Demon's next target; a family with a six month old baby showing signs of special abilities. John heads off alone to confront Meg.


Season 1, Episode 22: Devil's Trap

Original Air Date—4 May 2006

Sam and Dean seek help from Bobby Singer, an old family friend in their mission to save their father from Meg. The brothers set a trap for Meg.


Season 2


Season 2, Episode 1: In My Time of Dying

Original Air Date—28 September 2006

In the aftermath of the car crash, the surviving Winchesters go to the hospital, where one is stalked by a Reaper while another must consider sacrificing himself to save the others.


Season 2, Episode 2: Everybody Loves a Clown

Original Air Date—5 October 2006

Sam and Dean listen to a message on John's cell phone from a woman named Ellen (guest star Samantha Ferris)and decide to track her down. They are shocked to discover Ellen runs a road house that also serves as a gathering place for hunters like themselves. Meanwhile, at a small town carnival, a demonic clown is persuading children to let them into their home so he can murder their parents.


Season 2, Episode 3: Bloodlust

Original Air Date—12 October 2006

The Winchester brothers enjoy Dean's new baby: a shiny newly restored car, while checking out a report of two recent human deaths and over a dozen split-open cows in the small town of Red Lodge, Montana. The local sheriff laughs at Sam and Dean's idea that a cult is behind it, claiming it happens naturally in the sun. But when Sam and Dean sneak into the morgue under false pretenses, they find a victim that has retractable vampire fangs. They catch black demon hunter Gordon Walker, who claims to be a friend of their late father and having made both kills after six months of vampire chasing started years before to avenge his sister who was killed by a vampire. Dean confesses to him he misses his seemingly unstoppable dad desperately. The boys are just in time to save Gordon from another vampire, but Ellen Harvelle warns Sam that Gordon is capable, but too dangerous to work with. Returning to the motel, Sam is knocked down and kidnapped by the vampires led by Eli and Lenore, who claim their kind feeds on only cows. Being released unharmed, Sam believes them, but feels Dean's fist for forsaking their mission and suggesting Dean joins Gordon as a poor substitute for father. Then Gordon goes after the nest alone, anyway...


Season 2, Episode 4: Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

Original Air Date—19 October 2006

Sam insists to visit ma Mary's grave, although empty and meaningless to Dean, who is however intrigued in the cemetery by the perfect circle of dead vegetation around the three days old grave of local college student Angela Mason who died in a car accident, suspecting the ground is desecrated, Sam thinks it's another diversion not to have to think about either deceased Winchester parent. Her roommate Lindsey says Angela's grieving boyfriend Matt Harrison just slit his throat, all plants in his place are also dead. Another student, Neil Levine, tells Matt blamed himself because Angela caught him with another girl the night of her accident, the boys find her grave empty except for a necromantic spell in Ancient Greek. Dean accuses Angela's pa, Dr. Mason, but Sam notices healthy plants and fears for his brother's sanity. Angela was actually resurrected by Neil, her still enamored ex, alas as a zombie who kills for revenge. Next target is Lindsey, the one she caught with Matt, but the Winchester boys are in time to save her and need to lure Angela back to her grave bed and make Neil admit she's in his house, however he refuses to help either side...


Season 2, Episode 5: Simon Said

Original Air Date—26 October 2006

Visions show Sam, still hunting for the master demon with Dean, the way to another small town where paranormal events occur, some innocent, some chillingly evil. The Winchester brothers are convinced it's all the paranormal work of 23 year-old Andy Gallagher, but doubt as that boy, although a bit of an outcast looser living in a van filled with philosophy as well as rock music seems sincerely surprised and using his powers with self-control. Soon they find after rescuing Tracy from what seems his work there is another at least as able and less scrupled, in fact Andy's secret twin-brother, whose vengeance for their separation strikes out mercilessly, a cool killer, which even Andy may be unable to help the brothers stop in his sadistic steps...


Season 2, Episode 6: No Exit

Original Air Date—2 November 2006

Sam and Dean meet up with America's first serial killer, while Jo lies to her mother about going to Vegas and joins Sam and Dean to help them on their hunt.


Season 2, Episode 7: The Usual Suspects

Original Air Date—9 November 2006

Sam and Dean investigate the murders of a lawyer and his wife who claimed to have seen a ghost right before they died. However, after local detectives Ballard and Sheridan uncover the Winchesters' records, they arrest the brothers for a double homicide before they are able to find the ghost. When the ghost begins to visit Ballard, she begins to wonder if the tale Sam and Dean are telling her could be true, and if she might be the next to die.


Season 2, Episode 8: Crossroad Blues

Original Air Date—16 November 2006

San and Dean try to save the life of architect Evan Hudson who sold his soul to a demon so that his wife could live a long and healthy life free of cancer. While Sam protects Evan from hellhounds, Dean is tempted by the demon, who tries to convince him to trade his soul for his father's life, who she claims did the same to save Dean and is now suffering in hell for it.


Season 2, Episode 9: Croatoan

Original Air Date—7 December 2006

Another one of Sam's visions in which Dean kills a man by name of Duane Tanner sends the Winchesters to Rivergrove, a near ghost town facing mass demonic possession. Sam and Dean begin to believe that the demons are trying to destroy the town from the inside out when the remaining town-folk try to kill them.

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Tue. Feb. 16 10:00 AM TNT


Season 2, Episode 10: Hunted

Original Air Date—11 January 2007

Dean finally tells Sam the last words of John Winchester before dying, and opens his heart about his dilemma and feelings. Sam leaves Dean during the night and travels alone seeking answers with Ellen and Ash at the Harvelle's Bar. When he finds that another psychic was stabbed in a parking lot in Illinois, he decides to investigate his death. Meanwhile, in Peoria, the young woman Ava Wilson has a premonition with the death of Sam and meets him in the motel of her dream where Sam is lodged. Meanwhile Ellen tells Dean where his brother is, while Sam is hunted by Gordon.

Next US airings:

Wed. Feb. 17 10:00 AM TNT


Season 2, Episode 11: Playthings

Original Air Date—18 January 2007

Sam and Dean visit the Pierpont Inn, a creepy old mansion turned failing hotel. They meet the owner, Susan, and her daughter Tyler, who are packing to move after they sell the hotel. Tyler is playing with a little girl named Maggie. The brothers notice strange items around the hotel, including an urn with a familiar pattern, dolls with their heads backwards and Susan's mother, who looks vacant and beyond terrified. When Susan finds them in her mother's room trying to talk to her, she throws them out and threatens to call the cops.

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Thur. Feb. 18 10:00 AM TNT


Season 2, Episode 12: Nightshifter

Original Air Date—25 January 2007

A jewelery store heist committed by an employee is linked to a mysterious bank robberies bring Sam and Dean into the chase. The weird part seems to be the fact that the suspects end up dead before even getting their hands on the money. A friendly tip points towards another shapeshifter. However, the search is interrupted by a hostage crisis.

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Fri. Feb. 19 10:00 AM TNT


Season 2, Episode 13: Houses of the Holy

Original Air Date—1 February 2007

In Providence, Rhode Island, the local Gloria kills a man claiming that an angel in a beautiful white night had chosen her for redemption and asked her to stab the sinner to accomplish God's will. Dean and Sam investigate the case and they discover that other people had been visited by the angel and committed murders. Further, the angel has appeared after the death of Father Gregory, who was murdered on the steps of his church two months ago. When Sam is visited by the angel and asked to kill a man, the skeptical and atheist Dean confronts the faith of Sam telling that men cannot be angels and the light is an angry spirit indeed.

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Mon. Feb. 22 10:00 AM TNT


Season 2, Episode 14: Born Under a Bad Sign

Original Air Date—8 February 2007

After Sam goes missing for over a week, Dean finally receives a phone call from his brother. Dean finds Sam in a hotel room, covered in blood and suffering from the effects of a week long memory blackout. Upon investigation, the brothers find a video-tape of Sam killing another hunter in cold blood, which leads Sam to believe his dark side is taking over. When the dark side finally emerges Sam attacks Dean and continues on his hunter killing spree with his next targets being family friends Jo Harvelle and Bobby Singer.

Next US airings:

Tue. Feb. 23 10:00 AM TNT


Season 2, Episode 15: Tall Tales

Original Air Date—15 February 2007

Sam, Dean, and Bobby encounter what appears to be a dancing alien, a chainsaw killer, alligators in the sewers, and other oddities straight out of the tabloids while probing strange occurrences on a college campus. They discover all are actually the work of one college janitor, a Trickster who has the ability to conjure into reality anything he wants. Not helping matters is the brothers' slowly escalating feud which Bobby suspects is also the work of the Trickster.

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Wed. Feb. 24 10:00 AM TNT


Season 2, Episode 16: Roadkill

Original Air Date—15 March 2007

Molly(guest Tricia Helfer)and her husband are driving along a long deserted highway at night when they come upon a farmer. The next thing Molly knows both the husband and the farmer have disappeared. Things get worse when the Winchesters inform Molly that the farmer is actually a highway ghost who appears annually to claim a new victim, who happens to be Molly this time.

Next US airings:

Thur. Feb. 25 10:00 AM TNT


Season 2, Episode 17: Heart

Original Air Date—22 March 2007

Sam and Dean come across werewolf activity when they investigate the death of lawyer who was believed to have been killed by a wild animal. While Dean tracks the werewolf on the outside, Sam offers to protect Madison(guest star Emmanuelle Vaugier)who is likely to be the werewolf's next target.

Next US airings:

Fri. Feb. 26 10:00 AM TNT


Season 2, Episode 18: Hollywood Babylon

Original Air Date—19 April 2007

The Winchesters go undercover as PAs on a haunted movie set after getting wind of reports of tag teaming ghosts. The brothers deal with an asinine studio executive out to make cheap marketing stunts(guest star Gary Cole), a disenfranchised screenwriter seeking revenge for unnecessary revisions to a formally great script, and Dean's fan-boyish feelings for the leading lady.


Season 2, Episode 19: Folsom Prison Blues

Original Air Date—26 April 2007

The Brothers Winchester get busted on breaking and entering charges during a routine evidence gathering trip and sent to a haunted prison while awaiting extradition. Dean and Agent Henriksen come face-to-face for the first time. Sam and Dean earn a new ally in the form of Mara, their public defender who starts to probe the inconsistencies between the charges placed on the brothers and what the witnesses say they saw.


Season 2, Episode 20: What Is and What Should Never Be

Original Air Date—3 May 2007

Dean gets attacked by a Djinn, a creature capable of warping reality. The next things he knows he's in Lawrence, Kansas, in a stable relationship with a woman named Carmen, his mother is alive and well, and he and Sam are no longer on speaking terms. When the idea of a peaceful existence begins to settle in, visions of his previous life as a hunter start appearing out of nowhere.


Season 2, Episode 21: All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1

Original Air Date—10 May 2007

The Yellow Eyed Demon transports Sam, Andy, and Ava along with other "Special Children" Jake and Lily to the remains of a ghost town to initiate the first steps of his war against mankind. Dean contacts Bobby Singer, Ash, and Ellen for help in locating his brother.


Season 2, Episode 22: All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2

Original Air Date—17 May 2007

Dean hits an emotional rock bottom after a devastating personal loss. The Yellow Eyed Demon begins a calculated strategic move to unleash the armies of hell.


Season 3


Season 3, Episode 1: The Magnificent Seven

Original Air Date—4 October 2007

Sam, Dean, and Bobby deal with the ramifications of the Gate to Hell opening, meeting the demon incarnations of the Seven Deadly Sins, while Dean is living life to the fullest in the shadow of a deal he made with the Crossroads Demon, and a mysterious blonde woman with a demon-killing knife assists Sam.


Season 3, Episode 2: The Kids Are Alright

Original Air Date—11 October 2007

A strange death reported in the newspaper prompts Dean and Sam to find Lisa Braeden, a woman Dean had a weekend fling with about 8.75 years ago, only to find she has a son turning 8. While investigating the death in the paper along with several other mysterious recent deaths, Sam and Dean find they are chasing a Changeling, who is replacing children with it's offspring. The mysterious blond woman is back, giving Sam a cryptic message that he should look into his mother's friends.


Season 3, Episode 3: Bad Day at Black Rock

Original Air Date—18 October 2007

The Winchesters are called regarding a robbery of their father's storage unit, and track down the robbers to find the item stolen is a cursed rabbit's foot, which provides great luck until lost, and once lost the previous owner dies within a week. Sam picks up the foot and has great fortune, until it is pickpocketted away by the mercenary Bela. Dean must then get it back before Sam's bad luck gets him killed. To complicate the whole situation, Gordon, from his prison home, has convinced two other hunters that Sam is pure evil and must be killed.


Season 3, Episode 4: Sin City

Original Air Date—25 October 2007

The Winchester boys head to Ohio to research several deaths in a small town, where sin has taken a firm foothold on the population; prostitution, adultery, alcohol abuse, murder, and suicide are all prevalent in the once quiet town. Dean has a revealing conversation with a demon possessed woman. The demon Ruby assists Bobby in restoring the Colt to it's demon-killing grandeur.


Season 3, Episode 5: Bedtime Stories

Original Air Date—1 November 2007

The 'Three Little Pigs' and 'Hansel and Gretel' come to life and attract Sam and Dean's attention to Maple Springs, NY, where they try to prevent 'Little Red Riding Hood', 'Cinderella', and 'Snow White' from having unhappy endings. Sam also confronts the Crossroad Demon with the newly refurbished Colt.


Season 3, Episode 6: Red Sky at Morning

Original Air Date—8 November 2007

Strange land-locked drownings are happening and the boys head to the coast to find out why, discovering a Ghost Ship has been witnessed by each of the victims shortly before their deaths. They find that Bela is already involved, running a scam on elderly Gertrude Case, the aunt of the first victim with a crush on Sam.


Season 3, Episode 7: Fresh Blood

Original Air Date—15 November 2007

Gordon Walker is out of prison and out for blood, Sam's blood, and pays Bela to reveal their location. Meanwhile, the Winchesters are hot on the trail of a vampire named Dixon, who in turn has a beef with Gordon.


Season 3, Episode 8: A Very Supernatural Christmas

Original Air Date—13 December 2007

Sam and Dean follow the trail of an Anti-Clause when victims are apparently pulled up the chimney never to be seen again. After a lead goes nowhere, the Winchesters learn the Anti-Clause in in fact a pair of old pagan gods who have assimilated into society and since found a new way of getting their yearly sacrifices. A flashback to Christmas Eve 1991 reveals how Sam found out for the first time what his father really did and where Dean got his gold amulet.


Season 3, Episode 9: Malleus Maleficarum

Original Air Date—31 January 2008

The seemingly harmless practices of a group of neighborhood witches goes bad when one of them kills a woman. Ruby offers her assistance... but she has a few secrets of her own.


Season 3, Episode 10: Dream a Little Dream of Me

Original Air Date—7 February 2008

When Bobby Singer is discovered in a coma, Dean and Sam uncover a demon who works through people's dreams to destroy them.


Season 3, Episode 11: Mystery Spot

Original Air Date—14 February 2008

Sam relives the same day over and over, continually having to deal with Dean's death.


Season 3, Episode 12: Jus in Bello

Original Air Date—21 February 2008

Sam and Dean are arrested by Agent Henriksen and thrown into a jail cell in Colorado just as an army of demons makes their first move under a new leader who wants Sam dead.


Season 3, Episode 13: Ghostfacers

Original Air Date—24 April 2008

Sam and Dean inexplicably encounter the Hell Hounds while investigating a case that John failed to crack years earlier and become fixtures in their pilot for a reality show called Ghostfacers.


Season 3, Episode 14: Long-Distance Call

Original Air Date—1 May 2008

Sam and Dean are on the trail of the Crocotta, an entity that secures its victims by communicating as a loved one via phone and computer. While Sam watches over a family being tormented by the ghostly communiques, Dean walks into a trap when a voice from beyond the grave gives the whereabouts of the demon who holds his contract.


Season 3, Episode 15: Time Is on My Side

Original Air Date—8 May 2008

The Winchesters encounter the mysterious and very much still alive Doc Benton when they look into a series of abductions where the victims report missing body parts after forced surgery. When Bobby manages to locate Bela, Dean heads off to confront her and get the Colt back. Meanwhile Sam stays behind hoping that Doc Benton can make Dean immortal to get him out of the Deal.


Season 3, Episode 16: No Rest for the Wicked

Original Air Date—15 May 2008

Dean's time is up and he has to pay the Devil his due. When Lilith resurfaces in New Harmony, Indiana terrorizing a family to no end Sam, Dean, and Bobby steal Ruby's knife and confront the mother of all demons in a battle to the death.


Season 4


Season 4, Episode 1: Lazarus Rising

Original Air Date—18 September 2008

Sam tries to move on without his brother and becomes hardened and more reckless in the way he hunts. Bobby and his psychic friend Pamela try to contact the other side to find out more about Dean's ultimate fate.


Season 4, Episode 2: Are You There, God? It's Me... Dean Winchester

Original Air Date—25 September 2008

The Winchesters and Bobby Singer encounter the angry spirits of people they couldn't save.


Season 4, Episode 3: In the Beginning

Original Air Date—2 October 2008

Castiel sends Dean back in time to 1973 where he encounters younger versions of his parents and for the first time meets his grandfather Samuel Campbell who holds a secret that sheds a light on the Winchester Family's connection to the hunter community.


Season 4, Episode 4: Metamorphosis

Original Air Date—9 October 2008

A hunter named Travis points Sam and Dean towards a meat eating creature called a Rugaru. Complicating matters is the fact that Travis's target is a normal suburban dad in the earlier process of changing and he hasn't killed anyone yet.


Season 4, Episode 5: Monster Movie

Original Air Date—16 October 2008

It's Halloween time and the Winchesters face-off against a shapeshifter with a penchant for impersonating classic movie monsters like Dracula, the Wolfman, and the Mummy.


Season 4, Episode 6: Yellow Fever

Original Air Date—23 October 2008

Sam and Dean discover a Colorado small town's darkest secret as a wave of people fall prey to a "ghost sickness" that induces fear, paranoia, and ultimately a fatal heart attack. Sam and Bobby must figure out the cause and cure of the sickness when Dean himself falls prey to it.


Season 4, Episode 7: It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Original Air Date—30 October 2008

Investigating two mysterious deaths in a small town, Sam and Dean discover a witch is sacrificing people to summon a dangerous demon.


Season 4, Episode 8: Wishful Thinking

Original Air Date—6 November 2008

Sam and Dean investigate when a small town's wishing well actually starts to grant the people's wishes.


Season 4, Episode 9: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Original Air Date—13 November 2008

Sam, Dean, and Ruby discover the existence of a female prophet named Anna Milton, who can hear the voices of angels and thus figures into the plans of a demon named Alastair who wants to use her as a tool against the angels.


Season 4, Episode 10: Heaven and Hell

Original Air Date—20 November 2008

Dean and Sam figure out why Castiel and his superior/handler, Uriel the Angel of Death, want Anna Milton dead when the three of them are forced to go on the run, not only from heavenly and vengeful angels, but from Alastair and his demon minions who also try to track down Sam, Dean, and Anna. With the assistance from the now-blind soothsayer, Pamela Barnes, they discover that 'Anna' is a fallen (former) angel and needs to seek her grace wings before the forces of both Heaven and Hell find them.


Season 4, Episode 11: Family Remains

Original Air Date—15 January 2009

The Winchesters try to stop a family from moving into a haunted house.


Season 4, Episode 12: Criss Angel Is a Douche Bag

Original Air Date—22 January 2009

Sam and Dean investigate the activities of a trio of magicians who are using a grimoire to execute real feats of magic.


Season 4, Episode 13: After School Special

Original Air Date—29 January 2009

Sam and Dean investigate a haunting at one of their old high schools where we will see what school was like for the brothers.


Season 4, Episode 14: Sex and Violence

Original Air Date—5 February 2009

The Winchester's investigation into a series of deaths takes a deadly turn when a siren tries to tear them apart for good.


Season 4, Episode 15: Death Takes a Holiday

Original Air Date—5 March 2009

Sam and Dean try to find out why people in a small town are having near death experiences with alarming frequency by going into the spirit world.


Season 4, Episode 16: On the Head of a Pin

Original Air Date—19 March 2009

Castiel and Uriel ask Dean to torture Alastair for information. But when Alastair breaks free, Castiel starts to believe that their is a traitor among the angels.


Season 4, Episode 17: It's a Terrible Life

Original Air Date—26 March 2009

In an alternate reality mysteriously created as if Sam and Dean where never brothers and have never met, Sam and Dean work at a marketing office where they are forced to team up with one another when a series of mysterious suicides point to a ghost haunting the premises.


Season 4, Episode 18: The Monster at the End of This Book

Original Air Date—2 April 2009

An author has been writing books about Sam and Dean since 2005. Sam and Dean try to figure out how he knows so much about them.


Season 4, Episode 19: Jump the Shark

Original Air Date—23 April 2009

Sam and Dean are contacted by one Adam Milligan who claims to be John Winchester's son. The boys immediately suspect a demon trap and go to investigate. Adam turns out to legitimately be John's son and Dean is furious that John kept Adam's existence from them as well as sheltered Adam from the hunting life. Meanwhile other supernatural forces are at work, which lead to a tragic twist that neither Sam, Dean, or their new sibling could have guessed.


Season 4, Episode 20: The Rapture

Original Air Date—30 April 2009

Castiel has been sent back to Heaven. His human host, Jimmy, tries to regain his life. But the demons won't leave him alone and now his family is at risk. Sam and Dean can help a little, but they're going to need a "miracle" to win.


Season 4, Episode 21: When the Levee Breaks

Original Air Date—7 May 2009

Dean and Bobby lock Sam up in Bobby's demon proof cell where Sam hallucinates of the people in his life as he goes though an agonizing withdrawal from consumption of demon blood. In the meantime, Castiel contacts Dean again where he tells him more about his part in the upcoming apocalypse.


Season 4, Episode 22: Lucifer Rising

Original Air Date—14 May 2009

When the last few of the 66 Seals are broken by Lilith's minions, Sam and Dean prepare for the big and probably futile fight in very different ways. Sam joins Ruby on a final attempt to kill Lilith before Lucifer rises, while Castiel and Zachariah tell Dean that it's time to play his part in stopping Lucifer.


Dream A Little Dream About Me

Life`s A Climb
But The View Is Great