duminică, 24 octombrie 2010

Love That Let`s Go

Is hard to wait around for something you know may never happen but its never even harder when you know its everything you want...

The girl who seemed unbreakable...BROKE.

The girl who seemed strong...CLUMBLED.

The girl who always laughed...CRIED.

The girl who never stop trying finally...GAVE UP.

She dropped a fake smile as a tear rand down her cheek and she whispered to herself


There's a gold frame,

that sits by the window.

And my heart breaks,

A little more each time I try,

to picture the memory inside.

There's a notebook,

that's to hard to read it.

But if you look,

you'd see how you look through my eye's,

Now one more chapter's gone by,

and I know...

It's time to move on;

even though I'm not ready.

You've got to be strong,

and trust where you're heading.

Even though It's not easy;

right now the right kind of love...

Doesn't wanna miss the future,

or stand in the past.

It will always hold on;

never hold you back.

And even though It's not easy,

I know the right kind of love...

Is love that let's gooooo.

(It's time to say hey),

It's love that let's goo.

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